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Benefit of a Professional Manicure: Why Go to the Nail Salon?

To get professional service, Extra pampering, Wide range of products and Extensive selection of services. Nail care should be part and parcel of every woman’s grooming routine for several reasons.

Benefits of a Professional Pedicure: Why Go to the Nail Salon?

“A pedicure is a superficial cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. It provides a similar service to a manicure. Pedicure are done for cosmetic, therapeutic and medical purposes and can help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders.”

  • Other Criteria

Most persons choose where they have their nail services through using personal criteria that are the most important to them. Example of legitimate criteria are location, skills and overall appearance of the salon or spa. Allow us to add one more criteria.

Do they use an Autoclave to sterilize all implements used in all nail department? What is an Autoclave? It is a chamber for sterilizing metal implements with steam under pressure to kill all bacteria, viruses and fungus on the surface (sterilization)

Why insist on Sterilization? Sterilization is the only form of infection prevention that can kill all bacterial and fungal organisms. Sterilization is the only means of diseases prevention that can be verified with client and guarantee by the technician.

Verification is made by colored heat indicator that only changes when the temperature for sterilization is reached by the implements.

The used pouches and non-sterilized supplies are thrown away by the technician in the view of clients.

Sealed pouches prevent contamination before use as opposed to post liquid infections on holding trays.

The work stations common areas and bathroom must be immaculate. A new client sheet must be filled out, and technician must examine your hands and feet prior to performing the service. Feel free to ask the technician how the pedicure tub is cleaned and disinfected after every service. A freshly laundered towel or a new disposable one is used for each client The technician must wash her hands before performing the service, and if you are having a manicure, she must insist you wash your hands before the service. At “Glorious” we guarantee your safety through the use of sterilization and highest levels of sanitation. THANKS FOR COMING TO EXPERIENCE THE PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL TOUCH OF CLAS.
  • A wonderful relaxing time, Thank you! The best salon in town as it proved by quality of staff and services. Their services make my feel so special. I always enjoy coming here, i would definitely return for future treatments. Sarah, Customer
  • They were so friendly and it was pleasure to get my hair done there. Im very happy with services their provided. I will recommend this salon to my family and friends. Their pricing was competitive and their staff is professional.
    Lynda, Customer


Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. With years of experiences and continuing education, our dedicated staff is ready to serve your beauty needs.

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